About the Artist

I have loved art for as long as I can remember. I love creative expression, bringing things to life, and creating pieces for others. I thoroughly enjoy all mediums but drawing and photography are my fortes. Being able to create something real on paper or to find a beautiful visual through a lens - they are my passions.

KS Smudges

We adopted my best friend, Smudge, when I was 5 years old. I grew up alongside her for 13 years until she passed right after my 18th birthday in 2014. I loved growing up with her, especially being an only child - she was my best buddy and my everyday playmate. When deciding what to name my portrait business, thinking about the smudges I make when deep in my artwork, I knew I had to make it her namesake. Keeping her memory alive through what I love to do brings me so much joy.

Owner of KS Smudges, I keep busy with commissions, expressing myself creatively, and always surrounding myself with art. I was Artist of the Month at Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown, CT where my artwork was on display and for sale for all of October 2019. My prime focus is illustrating portraits, of both humans and animals. I also enjoy taking on special photo shoots (such as prior to a major surgery, people struggling with a chronic illness, & my best friend's proposal), tattoo designs, paintings, album covers, and more.

No matter what it is, being able to create something meaningful for someone else through my art means the world to me.

Karina Sorensen
Karina Sorensen

Education & Career

I'm currently working towards my Masters degree in Art Therapy and Counseling at Albertus Magnus. Discovering a path that brings together my love of art and my passion for helping others is the ultimate career. Knowing that I'll be helping people through the use of art and creative expression fills me with excitement every day.

Social Activism

I have always considered myself an active ally to underrepresented communities...but then we reached May 2020 and I felt like I couldn't ever do enough. After holding 2 fundraisers through my portrait business to raise money for the George Floyd Memorial Fund and Color of Change, I helped organize a Black Lives Matter protest that was beginning to take shape in my small town of Watertown, CT. Playing a part in creating the space to amplify our Black community members' voices, in our primarily white and conservative small town no less, was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. A few weeks later I helped run another incredibly impactful Black Lives Matter event in our town. From that, these organizers and myself decided to continue our work and founded a nonprofit organization, The Reflection Zone, with the mission to create change by listening, learning, and educating within our community. I am a co-founder and the Communications Director, where I am able to gain further experience in amplifying underrepresented voices, using our knowledge and inherent privilege to educate others, and fight for the voiceless. I also take everything I learn to heart so that, as a future therapist, I am able to better serve my clients no matter their culture or background.

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