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About the Artist

Karina is a portrait artist and an art therapist (ATR-P, LPC-A), both driven by her lifelong love of art. Karina values creative expression, trusting the process, and creating pieces and healing for others. 

KS Smudges

We adopted my best friend, Smudge, when I was 5 years old. I grew up alongside her for 13 years until she passed right after my 18th birthday in 2014. I loved growing up with her, especially being an only child - she was my best buddy and my everyday playmate. When deciding what to name my portrait business, thinking about the smudges I make when deep in my artwork, I knew I had to make it her namesake. Keeping her memory alive through what I love to do brings me so much joy.

Karina Sorensen
Karina Sorensen
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