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Best Friend's Engagement Photoshoot

Follow up to my post in February about photographing my bff Serena being proposed to... :)

I had the second honor and privilege of now doing their engagement photoshoot! I have veered away from photography clients, instead focusing on my portrait illustrations, but I obviously could not say no to this 😍 Serena was my "roommate" in college (she never actually lived with us; she was friends with 2 of my actual roommates and was over 24/7 as our "adoptive roommate"), has stayed at my house during her commutes across the state to + from school (furthering the "adoptive roommate" title), and is one of the most wonderful, hard-working, whole-hearted, kindest people I know. At some point I finally met Bryan (and us scouting places for his proposal was the most time we'd ever spent together) and the two of them just work so beautifully together.

Serena, her mom, and I (and her dogs) went to scope out the place a few weeks prior to make sure we'd know exactly where we'd be going. She chose the Barkhamsted Saville Dam which is so ironic because I have driven by this beautiful spot countless times in my 24 years, going to my aunt's house, and have always loved it - but we've never once stopped. So I was excited just to finally be walking along the sidewalk. Serena also found Enders State Forest, only 10 minutes down the road. It was a beautiful day and the dogs (Athena + Apollo, btw) loved it! ;)

We scheduled our full day a few weeks later and had an absolute blast. Their wedding is going to be in the fall (which I cannot WAIT for, and am endlessly honored, to be in!!!) so they were stoked to do an autumn engagement shoot. The leaves had plenty of color still left in them, and Serena planned outfits that match their wedding colors - which I'm obsessed with. And, if you know Serena and Bryan, then you know Athena and Apollo HAD to be in these. The ultimate shout out to Serena's mom, who I absolutely love, who watched + entertained the dogs when they weren't the stars of the show 😉 It was perfect.

I can't choose my favorites. It was so wonderful photographing a couple that I know so well. They were also incredibly easy and natural, I barely even directed them at all. The love just flows so openly between them. They were already looking at each other, whispering, or holding hands by the time I looked through my camera.

They are going to create such a beautiful life together (and have already started with Athena and Apollo!) and I am so grateful to be a witness to this love.

Thank you Serena + Bryan for entrusting me with these portraits. I love you both!


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