UPDATE 6/8/2020: We reached our $1,000 goal - you brought in $1,066.50. Thank you. Thank you to every person who donated through the raffles, print sales, or even from sharing the posts. Thank you for caring so much about what's going on in our world, and what's happening to our brothers and sisters.

The work does not stop here, though. It is vital to keep educating yourself, using resources, and standing up to racial injustices. Please utilize the list of resources at the bottom of this page.

We cannot forget. George Floyd's murderers have been charged,

But Breonna Taylor's have not.

Philando Castile's murderer was acquitted.

It took 74 days for Ahmaud Arbery's to be charged.

I will be matching every donation for these fundraisers up to $300. We already have $425 total, with our combined $300's we can get to $1,000. Three ways to do this: