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About the Artist

  • How do I inquire about a portrait?
    First, take a look at the various types of custom portraits available here, and review any specials that may be applicable here. Once you have an idea of what you'd like to order, fill out this form to receive a quote for your custom portrait. You can always reach out here with general questions at any time, too.
  • Do you need a photo to work from?
    Yes, your portrait is created directly from one photograph. It does not need to be shot with a professional camera, though! Cell phone photos are usually great - the photo needs to be clear enough to see the details, and ideally in good lighting instead of in shadow. You can even upload it directly to the custom portrait order form.
  • What is the turnaround time for custom portraits?
    Illustrated custom portraits can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks from the time of deposit, depending on the intricacy and size of your portrait. Digital portraits can take from 2-7 days. For your own convenience, reach out as soon as you are interested. Gifting seasons especially book up quickly (Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.), so the earlier you reach out, the better.
  • Can I have my portrait framed?
    All illustrated portraits come matted to ensure quality, and you can add a frame onto that as well. Framing options are available when you first order your portrait, or you can always add it on later, too.
  • Can I rush order a custom portrait?
    It depends on the season - during busy gifting holidays, custom portrait orders are usually booked. Christmas orders are usually fully booked by November. Send in your inquiry to find out. If there is availability, there may be a rush charge fee depending on how soon it's needed.
  • Can I order a portrait in advance? So I don't forget for a holiday/occasion?
    The earlier, the better! For busier gifting seasons (Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.) custom portrait orders book up and only have limited availability. So if you realize now that you'd like to gift a portrait for an event/occasion months from now, all the better! Reach out as soon as you have interest to ensure you don't miss out and to take some worry out of your gift-shopping. If it's finished early, I can hold it until you need it, as well.
  • Do you offer something special for pets who have recently passed away?
    KS Smudges offers 10% off a portrait of your new angel, which will also include a free tiny photo gift. Take a peek at the Rainbow Bridge Special for more info. ❤️ Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • I'm not sure yet if I want to commit to ordering a custom portrait, can I still reach out?
    Absolutely! I love chatting with people, regardless of if you end up ordering a portrait or not. We can talk about what you might be looking for and go from there. It's an investment that will bring you years of joy so I always want to make sure customers are fully satisfied before placing an order.
  • I want to continue supporting your work, but I don't need any (more) portraits right now - how can I help?
    If you have ordered from KS Smudges before, leaving a review is so helpful!! KS Smudges Facebook is the central location for reviews. And beyond that, interacting with and sharing posts is what makes small businesses go round. Sharing posts (Instagram: sharing to your stories / directly to friends. Facebook: on your timeline / directly to friends) gives the most direct impact, but even just liking, commenting on, and saving posts can help boost them in the algorithms. Also liking KS Smudges Facebook page / following Instagram so you see future posts!
  • Do you charge hourly or a flat rate?
    To make it easier for you, a flat rate is charged per the level of detail/size/medium of your portrait.
  • How do you take payments?
    Payments can be made through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, or a mailed check (final payment needs to clear before delivery).
  • Do I need to pay the full amount upfront?
    Nope! A deposit of at least 25% of the full amount is required before beginning the portrait, but after that you are welcome to make payments of whatever amounts you need up until final delivery. The balance must be paid in full before delivery of the portrait.
  • Is pricing negotiable?
    Pricing is firm as a lot of time, materials, skill, and energy goes into each portrait. Check out KS Smudges Snapshot Sketches or Digital Collection for budget-friendly options.
  • Do you ship your portraits? Internationally?
    Yes! In the US, shipping starts at $15 (may vary depending on the size of the piece + frame). For international, those rates vary so please inquire about pricing.
  • I live within reasonable driving distance from you (Watertown, CT) - do I have to pay for shipping?
    Nope! KS Smudges is in Watertown, CT. Depending on where in CT you are located, I am willing to meet you halfway as a courtesy, or you can always make the drive to Watertown if you're interested.

Karina is a portrait artist and an art therapist (ATR-P, LPC-A), both driven by her lifelong love of art. Karina values creative expression, trusting the process, and creating pieces and healing for others. 

KS Smudges

We adopted my best friend, Smudge, when I was 5 years old. I grew up alongside her for 13 years until she passed right after my 18th birthday in 2014. I loved growing up with her, especially being an only child - she was my best buddy and my everyday playmate. When deciding what to name my portrait business, thinking about the smudges I make when deep in my artwork, I knew I had to make it her namesake. Keeping her memory alive through what I love to do brings me so much joy.

Karina Sorensen
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