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Introducing: KS Smudges

Continuing the namesake of my dog Smudge I'd grown up with since I was 5 years old until a few days after my 18th birthday (and not to mention I'm an only child, so she was literally my best friend), this rebrand tells a little bit more about who I am and what I do. My name's Karina Sorensen and I'm a portrait artist.

I redesigned my entire website during this holiday break, making custom portrait info #1 so your inquiries can be as easy as possible. Take a look below at everything that's brand new, and all of the things you can take advantage of!


Rainbow Bridge Special

While this was implemented last year, I didn't have it accessible on my site - you'd only see it if you were inquiring about a portrait of a pet who recently passed away. This is now easily visible and explains the background, why I introduced it, and everything you receive (10% off your custom portrait, plus a free tiny photo gift). Take a look here.


Whether you're starting a collection of portraits of each of your children, gifting a unique portrait of Grandma to each family member's household, or featuring a wall of portraits of each of your pets, I thank you for trusting me and wanted to give back with discounts. There's different for return clients or if you're ordering all at once. Take a peek!


Small businesses survive because of word of mouth; no matter how much marketing I do, most of my clients reach out to me after seeing someone else's portrait I've illustrated. I appreciate that endlessly, and want to thank you - both the referrer, and the referred! Take a look at the referral specials here, and reach out to get started on your next portrait.

Pricing + Ordering

I've created a "How to Order" page to easily give you all of the different options for ordering your custom portrait, including pricing. Previously, I did not post my pricing as I truly enjoy chatting with potential clients first. I care about the artwork I'll be creating for you more than the sale, and frankly, I hate the money part - but it's what makes a business! I'd rather get to talk with you and get to know a little bit more of what you're looking for before I send you pricing; however, as a consumer myself, I know it's a little less intimidating, and a little bit easier, to know all of the information upfront and just send in a request for a quote. With that being said, please peruse all of the different options available here!

Placing Your Order

My contact page now includes a more streamlined form to send in a quote request! You can easily choose which type of portrait you're looking for, any specials you'd like to apply, and the best part - upload the photo(s) of your loved one directly to it. That way I have all of your interests up front and can get back to you with pricing and how to proceed. Take a peek here.

Gifting Reminders

Probably one of the new things I'm most excited for, you can now sign up to get personal reminders for popular gifting seasons (Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.) and their deadline to order a portrait in time - or even a reminder about your own personal event/date with enough time to order a custom portrait. Check them out here!


In 2021, I will be diving into newsletters! Sign up here to get first dibs on upcoming specials, reminders about popular gifting seasons, fundraisers that you can donate to, and more. I will only send maybe once a month, so no worries about getting spammed!


Thank you to everyone who has trusted me with creating a portrait, or has shared my name, or followed my social media. I'm so excited for this venture to be growing enough to call for a rebrand and evolution. Thank you for following along thus far!

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