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August Celebrations

I think I can speak for everyone when I say this has definitely been a busy, interesting summer, for myself included. In addition to COVID-19 disrupting any sense of normalcy we've ever had, I've been:

  • Co-founding an upcoming nonprofit organization The Reflection Zone with other amazing activists

  • Helping to organize (socially distanced) Black Lives Matter protests in my hometown

  • Collaborating with my peers to create a new student-led organization

  • Finishing up my grad school summer semester

  • Helping my boyfriend pack up & move out of his house

  • Relaxing before the next semester begins!

Even through all of this activity, I feel that August invites a sense of slowing down, wrapping up projects, and preparing for the transition into fall. Settling in to the end of summer can be bittersweet, but also comforting knowing that a time of renewal is just around the corner. Even though I'm always sad to see summer go, I still love August because...

August brings my birthday, which is ALSO National Dog Day😍 This year, in celebration (if you didn't already know!), for every custom portrait ordered during August, 10% of the profits will be donated to CPR Dogs in Southbury, CT. Additionally, on August 26th (Birthday/Nat'l Dog Day!), 50% of all print sales will be donated to CPR Dogs, as well.

I first chose this organization to donate to during last year's holiday season, and since then I have developed such a fondness for the team and their organization. Every time I post about them, I discover more people I know who have adopted from them and had the best experience. Consider them if you're looking to adopt! And if you've been thinking of ordering a custom portrait and love dogs just as much as I do, this is the perfect time. 🐶

If you're interested in a custom portrait, check out my FAQ's here and contact me with any questions or inquiries here!


For portraits ordered August 1st - August 31st. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


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