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I've been quiet on my art pages because I haven't known what to do. I was low on motivation last week while we were all adjusting to our new normal. I didn't know what to share, as my priority was just keeping my head above the waters filled with non-stop c*ron*virus (I still don't even wanna say it!) conversation. I didn't share because I didn't have anything to say.

My grad program's spring break was 2 weeks ago, and then it was extended into last week - the first week to really crack down on social distancing. Also the first week that my job (temporarily) shut down due to all of this. I didn't even know what to do with myself at first. Usually I'm constantly juggling work, classes, homework, and advancing my art business. But last week I had 0 classes, 0 homework, 0 work, and 0 drive to work on my business - especially now, when everyone is in tough financial situations.

To be honest, I was in a bit of a funk: I felt anxious and overwhelmed by the absolute uncertainty of this situation. Every single social media platform was filled with nothing but news about it, political arguments, people sharing how crazy it is, upset about the lack of essentials in grocery stores, etc. I couldn't deal with it anymore. It was consuming every conversation, every interaction, every thought.


I had to turn off Facebook; it's too gossip-y, too much, and sometimes, too stupid. I didn't even think about sharing anything on my art pages, or keeping up with the #MarchMeettheMaker posts I'd been curating all month. I didn't have any thoughts of posting at all. I just started enjoying simply scrolling through my art Instagram feed, looking at what other people are creating. Feeling inspired. Seeing other creatives also feeling drained, and sharing their thoughts. Validating that it's okay I didn't do much the first few days. This is a big adjustment for every person: life as we know it is completely flipped upside down for the time being. Uncertainty is a weird feeling to handle - uncertainties about health, finances, jobs, and the regular routines of life.

I finally started pulling my resources together. When was the last time I created art just for me? Not for a client, not for a homework assignment, not for marketing - just for me, simply because I wanted to? I honestly couldn't remember. I started painting this scene I'd photographed my first time in Brazil. It's always been one of my favorite shots, and now I have time to paint it - just because I want to! And I've been loving it.

I've also been...

  • Experimenting with fluid, process paintings instead of just my precise fine arts

  • Video calling friends and having movie night dates with my boyfriend (thanks to Netflix Party and Duo video!)

  • I opened up to Instagram asking if any of my friends would like to receive small pieces of art or letters in the mail! (Let me know if you'd like some snail mail!)

  • Working out with FitOn (I've been using them for months and I LOVE it - and it's free!)

  • Finding online yoga classes - at the Om Center, as well as searching for other virtual yoga classes in Facebook events (there's thousands of pre-recorded yoga videos online, but there's something different about "attending a class" and knowing you're doing it simultaneously with a community)

  • Catching up on Netflix shows & watching documentaries ~guilt-free~ without having other things I should be doing (Shows: This is Us, Good Girls, and Episodes. Docs: Frank & Ollie, The Creative Brain, and Heal)

  • I also helped collab on TownRelief - a connection for our town where people can publicly volunteer to help those who might need it, and others can find volunteers. We also created a resource page filled with technology to help you stay connected with friends & family, keep the kids (and yourself!) entertained and active, and wellness resources.

  • I went on a hike with my boyfriend and found our way down to a beautiful stream & waterfall - and practiced my balance :)

This is a hard time for everyone. And, I'm aware that I'm privileged in even having the luxury to simply create art and relax during this time - and furthermore, in even having a home and basic necessities. And that that home is safe, and with loving family members. That I don't have a diagnosis, mental or physical, that being isolated at home can exacerbate. That I'm not immunocompromised and fearing for my life. Remember all of the things you have to get you through these uncertain times that others might not have. And, if you have any organizations close to your heart that are helping others during this time, please share them with us. I will be revamping my Mother's Day offerings to accomodate for everyone's financial situation, so stay tuned for that.

Please, comment below what you've been working on during this time! Have you been creating art? Working around your house? Brainstorming ideas? Or maybe just trying to keep yourself sane? 😉 Anything you do during this time is valid.


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