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Donations for Justice

I debated saying anything on this platform. I wasn't sure if I should mix current events with my small art business. I didn't know if it would "disrupt" my brand.

And then I realized how selfish that was of me, personally. I have so much anger inside of me about all of the recent events and fatalities...I need to do all that I can.

George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. And so many more.

I have always thought of myself as an ally to POC, but recently realized that it's not enough to just think these things and share some posts on social media. I don't know what hit me differently with George Floyd than all of the ones before, but I think that's just it: I have the privilege to pick and choose when I can't handle it and I turn everything off, and when I want to pay attention and fight. Others are not so lucky, and have to live with this fear every. Day. Of their lives.

It's not much but I had to do something.

I'm donating TWO options to help #JusticeforFloyd and racial justice:

50% of all profits from print sales this weekend will be donated to George Floyd's Memorial Fund.⁠

Ends Monday, act fast to help. Shop prints here

• I'm raffling a $100 voucher towards a custom portrait. 100% of the raffle proceeds will go to Color Of Change​.

  • $10 per entry: submit via Venmo or PayPal - info below

  • You can send larger amounts to be counted as individual entries ($50 = 5 entries)

  • Please write your email as the memo so I can email you confirmation that I received it. If you don't get a confirmation email from me, I did not receive it - please reach out!

Venmo: @KarinaSorensen

PayPal: click here

You can find examples of my custom portraits here


You can also donate directly to the above causes on your own. Also text "Floyd" to 55156 to demand justice from the people responsible for George Floyd's death.⁠


I am so outraged, saddened, and heartbroken for our brothers and sisters who have to live with this fear every day. I don't even have the words...but we cannot stop talking. And this is my small, tiny effort in trying to help.

I'm eager to see how much we can raise for these causes. Please consider taking part, or if not, please share the post with others. On your Instagram stories. On your Facebook feeds. Anything to get the word out.

Thank you, and I am always here for support if anyone ever needs to talk.


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