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Give the sweetest gift

This year I am so excited to have 2 different options available for Mother's Day gifts:

Limited edition flower illustrations and custom illustrated portraits! Mother's Day is on May 10th this year: scroll down to learn more and find the perfect gift to give your mom or mom-figure this year (before you forget!)💗


Limited edition flower illustrations:

  • Stippled florals, 4x6"

  • These are each hand-illustrated, they are not prints

  • There will only be 2 of each design available - first come, first serve limited availability

  • Since there will be limited availability - pre-order yours to make sure you don't miss out before they're gone! Pre-orders will be mailed out on May 1st.

  • Pre-orders are at an Early Bird Pricing! Pieces will go up to full price on April 15th

  • Each one comes with a tiny card of traits about that flower - find the one that best matches your mom and let her know how you see her every day

  • Since these are not prints & each piece is hand-illustrated, details may vary slightly - making each one it's very own


Custom illustrated portraits:

  • Choose your preferred portrait size

  • Choose black & white (charcoal) or color (colored pencil)

  • You can have up to 2 subjects in your photo - you & mom, mom & the dog, you & a sibling, or maybe just you (her favorite child) ;)

  • A relatively clear photo of who you'd like illustrated will be needed

  • All portraits come matted; framing options are available for purchase

  • Custom portrait orders are needed no later than Sunday, April 19th

  • Delivery will be arranged via shipping or in-person, depending on location

  • Email inquiries / to get more info at


Moms are so special but rarely get the appreciation they deserve. Remind your mom how wonderful she is with a hand-illustrated piece this Mother's Day, that she can look at and enjoy every day of the year. 💛

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