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Rainbow Bridge Special 🌈

A few weeks ago this client reached out to me inquiring about a pet portrait of her dog that had recently passed away. Having personally experienced the loss of a furry best friend, I know how painful of an experience it is to go through - so that's why I implemented my new "Rainbow Bridge Special" at the beginning of this year.

When you lose your pet, all you want is any piece of them back; any feeling of his warm snuggles, the sound of her tail wagging, and their overall ability to somehow know when you're sad and know exactly how to cheer you up. Because of this, I wanted to make it as easy and uplifting as possible to get a custom portrait of your late pet, which is why I created my Rainbow Bridge Special: a 10% discount on the portrait and a tiny photo gift to go along with it. ❤️

I was so happy to be able to give K this discount and bring back a tiny sliver of her pup. She was the first client to use this special and it made my time creating this piece even more meaningful. I posted a few work-in-progress sneak peeks on my Instagram and every time, she messaged me sharing that it made her tear up and how much the piece already meant to her. THAT is why I create these portraits for people (for the rainbow bridge, or otherwise), and it makes ME tear up hearing how special they are.

She received the portrait yesterday, and I already miss having that incredibly handsome pup to work on. But my heart is so happy that she now has this portrait in memory of her dog that she can hold onto forever. ❤️🐾


If you or anyone you know might be interested in a Rainbow Bridge pet portrait, you can find more information here 🌈



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