Best Friend's Proposal

Yesterday I had the absolute honor and privilege of photographing my best friend being proposed to!!! It was such an incredible, heart-warming, and exciting experience - the actual proposal, as well as the planning of it with the future groom! So I thought I would share some photos and the experience because I can't stop thinking about it 💗

Just 3 days ago, I got a DM on Instagram from soon as I saw "message request from Bryan," I knew it was this 😍 We talked about ideas, locations, times, but he knew he wanted to do it soon, like real soon. Even though he had literally just asked me if I would do this, he said he would be in the area the next day if I had any time to scope out some places to find the perfect spot. And after we had arranged that, a few hours go by before he asks if I also happened to be free the day after, as well, to do the actual proposal.

Thankfully I was free both days, and just as eager for this as he was! So I drove up to Hartford the next day and we drove around to a few different parks and parts of the city. After 2 hours, we finally found the perfect spot. It was in a relatively quiet park, and even more perfect was the random staircase of about 5 steps leading down to a tiny area by the pond, in front of a wall blocking off any random people walking behind them. It was secluded, intimate, and seriously the most random-yet-perfect spot we could have found. And, there was a bench across the pond that I could sit and wait without drawing any suspicions, or having to hide behind a tree/in bushes. 😊

The morning of, I was so full of nerves, excitement, and overall "I just can't wait to get there and do this!!!" The entire hour drive to Hartford I was repeatedly thinking over the camera settings I would need, reassuring myself that I had brought everything I needed, and preparing for every possibility of people being in the way - over and over and over again. I finally get there, settle in to my spot on the bench, and start photographing the area to check the lighting and my settings. There is also the very real discomfort that can accompany being a woman by herself in the middle of downtown-anywhere, so I was on high alert and uneasy with every person that approached me - in addition to the already heightened sense of nervousness/exciteme