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Meet the Artist

My name is Karina, I am 23 years old, I balance grad school, my daytime job, and my small art business - and I love all of it.

  • I am going for my Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling at Albertus Magnus in New Haven, CT. To have found a career path that melts together my passion for art and my fascination with psychology, in order to help others through their toughest times, is the greatest thing I could have asked for. I don't graduate until 2022, but I am already so, so thrilled and excited to be on this path. 💛✨

  • Images Studio: a photography studio in Watertown, CT, owned by a family I've known since I was little. There, I am Production Manager where I do so much more than can be listed in a blog post, while having the absolute best time with the sweetest people. I am so, truly blessed. 📷

  • My first job was at Glazey Dayz, a paint-your-own pottery studio in Watertown, CT. I stayed there for 4 years and eventually became Assistant Manager. To go to work and be surrounded by colors, art, and creativity was endlessly magical. If you're ever looking for a creative afternoon or evening, I highly recommend going there (they even have BYOB ladies nights!). 🖌

  • I'm also trying to grow my wonderful tiny art business on the side! I have exciting things planned coming up, stay tuned...! (The collage is a self-portrait out of shreds of paper!)

More daily living 🌸

  • I LOVE to travel. My dad is from Denmark, so visiting family there throughout my life (15 or 16 times, at this point) ignited my passion to explore. I've since visited 5 other countries, including Brazil - twice(!) as, fun fact, my boyfriend is originally from São Paulo, Brazil! I'm surrounded by people with different, wonderful homelands and it's incredible. 🌍

  • I loveee getting hired for commissions - putting in the hours of work and detail to deliver a beautiful, custom piece for someone is unlike anything else. I love creating ANYthing for a client, but I especially love creating portraits - recreating someone special to them is amazing. It's great to be able to see their face, but I also love being able to send my work out of state! 🎨

  • I LOVE shooting 35mm film. I don't know what it is but I just don't feel the same energy when shooting digital. I love the rawness, feeling more connected to the camera, and the anticipation of not having immediate gratification. 📷

  • Yoga: although I don't practice it consistently or as much as I'd like to, I always look forward to stretching, connecting with, and releasing my body. Rooting into the ground and recharging through yoga is something I can't quite find anywhere else. 🧘

  • I have 4 tattoos: a daisy - both my favorite flower & Denmark's national flower (see above!) ; a paw print in memory of my dog I had from ages 5-18; a floral sun/moon tattoo, matching with my best friend; and a sunflower & rose for my mom & dad, their favorite flowers, respectively. 🖤

  • I am a Virgo, to a T - perfectionist, stubborn, a little controlling but will give everything her all and everyone her whole heart ♍️

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