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Giving Back Monthly: February

Each month, KS Smudges donates 10% of its profits to a different organization. February's organization is Students for Educational Justice, a youth-led, intergenerational organizing body that drives efforts for racial and educational justice.


Since 1976, February has been celebrated as Black History Month. In researching which organization to choose for this month's fundraiser, I wanted to support a local organization in CT that's doing the ground work. As soon as I discovered Students for Educational Justice, I knew they were it: they are youth-led.

We can only change so much when the same generations of people with similarly-bred ideologies are calling the shots. When younger generations enact change, people with new ideas, courage, and hope, everyone benefits.

Also, education is at the root of everything. "We don't know what we don't know." So a youth-led organization educating about racial justice? I couldn't think of a better organization to donate to for Black History Month.

Students for Educational Justice offers...

  • "Trainings and workshops taught through an anti-racist lens and focus mainly on institutional racism, adultism, anti-Blackness, classism, white supremacy and other systems of oppression."

  • Political education and training where they "help young people step into leadership roles and into their voice and power."

  • Summer intensive skill building where "students learn to critically think about their identities, their communities, and their experiences of oppression which they will then translate into organizing skills used to dismantle systems of power."

  • "A wide range of opportunities for students to take charge and spearhead efforts for racial and educational justice."

For these reasons amongst many others listed in their principles, Students for Educational Justice will receive 10% of profits from all February sales.


This article provides an overview of many terms essential to reflect cultural and racial awareness.

FAQs to "sharpen our ability to talk more effectively about race."

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