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For me, the new year brings a time for reflection, planning, regrouping, and probably the most important thing - peace! A month of quiet before the next semester begins, calm after the craziness of the holidays, and a chance to reset before the rest of the year takes place.

A lot of my planning for this upcoming year is geared towards my art - sharing & selling my work, as well as simply creating for myself. I have many ideas for this year to grow my art and it's presence, and one of those ideas was to start blogging! Right now it feels a little superficial or cosmetic, but my aim is for this to be a place to share the process and journey of my works; to express the emotions I bring to my pieces, especially commissions; to show readers/followers/fellow artists ideas, struggles, and thoughts; and to be another creative outlet for myself.

I'm excited to try out this process and to share behind-the-scenes. For you, I hope this year brings warmth, healing, & light ✨ And please feel free to share any blogs or other artists you love to follow!

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